WILD Child Summer Program

Chesterbrook School of Natural Learning is hosting our annual summer nature camp. The outdoors holds an enormous amount of potential to support healthy and complete emotional, physical, social and cognitive development! CSNL is a place where children can spend their summer exploring and discovering the world around them.

CSNL's WILD Child Summer program runs for 4 weeks during the summer. Each week offers an engaging, imaginative theme for your child to explore. Each weekday also has a theme connected with the week's focus!

The WILD Child 2021 Summer Program themes are posted below:


WILD Survival
July 12-16

Set your child's imagination and adventurous spirits free as they learn about the natural environment and the important skills of survival-shelter, water, fire and food. No matter what your child's background, from never having camped before, to the most experienced nature enthusiast, they'll have a BLAST at this camp. Activities include basic nature education, plant identification, animal tracking/study, foraging for food, fire-making, shelter constructing and more.


WILD Enchantment
July 19-23

Children will dive deep into their imaginations as we enter the world of myths, legends & fairy tales. From kings & queens, knights & dragons, our favorite make-believe story lines come to life as we explore throughout the forest. Campers will be sure to leave this week with lasting memories!


Wet and Wild
July 26-30

This week the explorers will learn all about the importance of water for people, plants & animals. They will participate in a variety of water based activities including sprinkler play, stream exploration, and beach games as we discuss how water creates habitats for living things and is vital to our survival.


Woodland Olympics
August 2-6

Reach for the Gold! At the Woodland Olympics your child will test their strength, resilience, and teambuilding skills! Participants will make their way through a forest obstacle course, run twig relay races, and throw for pinecone shot-put! All while learning the history of the Olympics, the significance of the Olympic Rings, and the inspiring stories of the athletes who compete!

A quick on-the-go snack from home and water bottle will be required each day. Please be sure your child has food and containers (s)he can open and eat entirely independently without support.

Members include children enrolled in CSNL's Nature Preschool, Forest Kindergarten or Lower Elementary for 2020-2021 and/or 2021-2022 school years.

Interested in joining the CSNL family?